6 Signs You Are the Only One Putting in Effort in your Relationship

Trying too hard to make your relationship work? You are all gaga over your partner and they are not? Well, when one is captivated by the charm of their partner, they are unable to perceive that maybe their loved one does not feel the same as they do. It is just a matter of time until the person you fell in love with, has lost all interest in you. The bond you were striving to prolong is left to nothing but a one sided relationship. Make sure you know your partner’s feelings. Mentioned below are few of the ways you can know if you are the only one putting in effort in your relationship:

  1. You are the one making plans

Whether it is a regular date or your anniversary, you are the only one taking out time out of your tough schedule and arranging meetings. They are least interested in taking initiatives and you are the only one that has to make all the phone calls and reservations.