6 Signs You Are Unintentionally Cheating On Your Partner

No matter how much you want to stay with your partner, you hardly get to see them every week. It could be a long-distance relationship or you probably see them seldom because one of you is always busy or committed elsewhere. At that point, your desires get the best of you, and sometimes you end up getting close to someone else and cheating on your partner without realizing it. Remember, that cheating doesn’t only mean getting physical with someone else – it could be emotional attachment as well.

6. You look forward to seeing this other person.

One of the main signs of cheating on your partner without realizing it when you start looking forward to seeing someone else. It could be an old friend, a colleague or even a neighbor. You know that you enjoy their company so you start craving for them. If you come across them every day then you might end up waiting for that time every day.

5. They become your best friend.

Putting them in the friend-zone is maybe your conscience talking but when you open up so much to someone, you are cheating on your partner without realizing it. They suddenly become your confidant. You tell them all your secrets – even the ones you never mentioned to anyone. You might feel guilty at times, but then you tell yourself that they are just a good friend, nothing more – yet nothing less.

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