6 Signs You Have Fallen For Your Friend

Friends are a beautiful blessing. They are there for us and they are willing to lift us up whenever we are down. However, amidst the closeness and the love, we end up falling for our friend. Now, your friend might or might not react positively. You have to be very sure of your feelings or you will end up creating a mess for yourself. You could lose your friend as well. So here is how you can confirm your feelings. Here are a few signs that confirm that you have fallen for your friend:

  1. You look for excuses to talk to them.

You just want to talk to your friend all the time. You find out random excuses to talk to them or to call them. You begin to crave their attention and you constantly want to know what they are up to at all times. I remember falling for a friend of mine, and I used to look for excuses to text him. He would be really nice to me when I was sad so sometimes, I would even fake being sad just to get his attention.