6 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Just Not into You Anymore


You guys got together and you thought that things were going to make sense now. However, his behavior has become strange now. You can’t figure out the reason behind his changed tone and his new behavior. He’s either going through a bad stage or he isn’t really interested in you. However, before you rush to any conclusions, here are some signs of the latter situation that you should look for.

  1. You’re not their priority.

If he isn’t really interested in you, you are not his priority. Every time you try to talk to him or make a plan with him, he tells you that he is busy and he doesn’t have time. In fact, he never has time for you. Whether it’s work or cleaning his apartment, he will ditch all your plans. If he was seriously into you, he would make you his number 1 priority and then avail every chance of spending time with you.