6 Signs Your First Date Went Pretty Well

Your first date with a person is your chance to win them over. You have those few ours together to impress them and to make them like you. This may sound easy, but when you go through it, it is one of the hardest tasks on earth. Once it is over, you are left hanging for some time. You can say for sure if they like you or if they are going to call you after the date. Well to help you with the guessing period, here are a few signs for you to figure out if the first date went well or not:

  1. Keeps smiling.

The perfect case scenario for a first date is when a person falls for you and can’t keep smiling about it. You might catch them off-guard, smiling at you. You might notice how they smile at all your stories and all the topics you are discussing with them. This is a clear sign of them crushing on you, and if they have fallen for you, it means that you will get many more dates. Also you have accomplished your mission and now, you can smoothly work your way into a relationship.