6 Signs Your Guy is Perfect

We all want that perfect guy who is funny, caring, loving, charming and interesting. We want that one person in our life who has the ability to sweep us off the ground. We want someone who can make us forget all our worries. We want someone who just makes life worth living. However, how would you know if the guy you are with has the potential to be the perfect guy? Here are a few compulsory characteristics of the perfect guy:

  1. Excessive care

The perfect guy will care for his girlfriend more than anyone else in this world. H will make sure she is fine. He won’t do so by showing loud gestures, but it will be little amounts of care incorporated into everything that he will do around you. It could be asking you to wear the seat belt. It could be asking if you had taken dinner. It could be checking your wellbeing when you’re sick. It could be getting you something that you really wanted. He doesn’t have to publish posters that show the times he cared – his actions will be more than enough!