6 Signs you’re in Fake Relationship


We all know about the things that make a relationship complete but did you know that there are some things that determine whether your relationship is for real or not? A real relationship is meant to last while a fake relationship is based on infatuation, lust, cheating etc. It could also be denying the basic things that make up a relationship such as space, communication, attention and love. Here are a few signs that your relationship isn’t real:

  1. There is no communication.

Your relationship isn’t real if the two of you do not get to communicate. Proper communication between two people ensures a connection. The two of you get to share your thoughts and your ideas. Along with that, it keeps you both updated on what is going in each other’s life. When you do not communicate, you lose a chance to maintain a connection and once the connection is lost, the relationship become more of a drag and I’m assuming that you know that such a relationship isn’t real.