6 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is Ruined

Keeping a long distance relationship takes a lot of effort and determination. You need to put a lot of trust in your partner to keep the relationship going. It requires quite a lot of time and attention. Many believe that such relationships don’t really workout; that is not the case. Yes, it may not be easy but it has its own charm. If you are involved in one, keep it safe. You never know when it is on the verge of closure. We tell you 6 signs that your long distance relationship is about to die:

  1. They do not pick up your calls

Yes, they might be busy, but not answering your phone calls is an alarm. No matter how busy the schedule is, a loved one will always take out time for you. They will, somehow, manage to talk to you. A phone call hardly takes a few minutes, and if they cannot spare that much time for you, then there is no use being in this long distance relationship. Stop trying!