6 Signs your Partner has OCD

In our society, most people do not take mental illnesses seriously. They are considered to be self-made and attention seeking stunts which further isolates those who have such issues. Yet, treating them properly and nicely is just as important. If your partner has OCD, here are 8 things you need to remember.

6. Their brain never stops.

If your partner has OCD, their brain hardly ever stops. The thing goes around in a repetitive loop and it hardly ever stops. You cannot force them to stop and ridiculing them over how their brain is a mill and keeps going on, with no benefits, is a stupid thing to do. Understand that it is out of their control and it is bugging them a lot too, but they can’t do much about it.

5. There are no OCD traditions.

We know that when people get obsessed with something, their behavior resembles of others who just as obsessed as them. A sports freak will watch sports, an enthusiast reader will read while someone who enjoys cooking will cook. However, when people have OCDs, they don’t follow traditions and typical habits. Know that if your sister has OCD and your partner has OCD, chances are that their behaviour will not be very similar.

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