6 Signs Your Partner is Mentally Abusing You.

When you have a partner, you have someone who is filling your life with love and support. You have a person who is accepting you and making you a better person. However, if that person is the one behind a trigger, life becomes difficult. This is because when the person who is supposed to make you smile breaks your heart, it actually hurts a lot. However, sometimes the hurt isn’t very open. They could be manipulating you and you would have no idea. Therefore, I present to you some signs that will show to you that your partner is mentally abusing you.

  1. Publicly humiliating.

We all enjoy a little humor and a little teasing. One partner would know the weakness of the others when it comes to jokes so they tease each other. However, it becomes nasty when those things don’t remain private. Your partner is mentally abusing you if they make fun of you in public. You would know their degrees so you would know the fine difference between a healthy joke and something hurtful.  If they are constantly ridiculing you infront of others, you need to know that you’re being mentally abused.