6 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Casual Anymore


You both weren’t planning on getting serious initially so you kept your relationship casual mostly. You weren’t the way people usually are when they are in a serious or a long-term relationship. However, with the passage of time, you have started feeling much more for them. You don’t feel for them casually and you crave them much more. Interestingly, the situation is similar on the other side too. Here are a few signs that your relationship isn’t casual anymore.

  1. Worrying.

Your relationship isn’t casual anymore if you worry for them. You never talked or texted all the time before but now you want to stay in touch. If they disappear for a while, you get worried and begin to secretly pray that they are safe. You want them close at all times because you want them well. This new found need for assurance and security means that you’ve moved one step ahead.