6 Signs you’re Forcing Yourself to LOVE Someone Not Worth Loving


Forced love is the worst kind of love. You’re faking your feelings to someone else and telling them things that you don’t even remotely mean. Your relationship could be going down the drain but your continuous denial is pushing it even further. Before you give them false hopes and then break their heart badly, you should be able to identify this situation. Here are some signs.

  1. You have to trade to get your work done.

The two of you are forcing love where it doesn’t exist. As a result, the two people behave oddly because they assume that they are in love while they are not. They will never be willing to do tasks for one another. Instead, they will offer each other rewards. For example, you could ask him to wash the dishes and in return, you will let him play FIFA for a while. Relationships don’t work this way. Both the partners should be willing to be together.