6 Sings that You are in a very Boring Relationship

5. You always wish for better

Well, you always think your partner is good, but there are still better people in the world. You always try and find out flaws in your loved one. One golden rule for you: DO NOT COMPARE! Do not compare your partner’s dressing sense with their friend. Do not compare their looks with someone more eye catching. If you are not satisfied with your partner, your relationship will soon die.

4. No changes in the routine

Are you people doing anything new in your relationship? Same Saturday night dinner? Same old good night text? Yes! This is the reason. You both have got tired of the same daily routine that you both are involved in. Change is always good. Do not make things monotonous for you both. Try different cuisines, different places to meet. Plan unexpected dinners or surprise presents. Bring some interest and your partner will do the same