6 Stages of Love During the Healthy Relationship

When a woman falls in love, she begins to shower all the love in her soul and begins to take care of the girl. In the case of a man’s love, it is very different. Men are wired differently, so they have their own ways of assessing. They also happen to stay in denial, because they know that once they give a part of themselves to another woman, they will completely give themselves up to her. However, the stages of a man’s love are adorable and here they are:

  1. Begins to appreciate her physical appearance.

A man’s love always starts on the outer appearance. He begins to notice all the little things about her. He notices the way she speaks, the shine in her eyes, the kind of clothes she wears, the way she walks etc. he begins to appreciate her physically. He doesn’t care about how she looks to the world, because to him, she is now one of the prettiest women alive.