6 Strange Things Most People Do After a Breakup

After a breakup, a lot of people acquire a more filmy character. From eating tubs of ice-cream to becoming drunk and screaming your ex’ name’s on road – we all have done these odd things at least once in our lives. I don’t blame such people because grief makes us different. What may seem funny to you and I today could be something that we would do a few days later. So we are no one to judge, but here are some things that people do after a breakup:

  1. The burning ceremony

After a breakup, we feel mixed emotions, and one of those emotions is the feeling of rage we feel angry. We are mad at the person for leaving us. We loved them so much, and they just couldn’t stay with us? This sudden anger makes us feel so weird that we tell ourselves that we never want to feel associated to them again. As a result, we take out all the things that they got for us. We collect all the movie tickets that we had saved. We find out all the photos that we have together, and we burn them – all of them.