6 Telling Signs it’s Time to Say Good Bye

It’s really hard to say good bye to a relationship when you have spent years together. But sometimes these relationship starts suffocating you and then you look around for other options rather than spending time together. If you are going through similar sort of situations then this is the time to say good bye to your relationship. There are few telling signs that will really help you to know whether it’s time to say good bye to your relationship or not. It’s pertinent to mention that if you have opened this article after seeing its title then you should be very clear that why you opened this, it’s the time to say good bye J

6. Lack of Trust

Relationships are based on trust; if there is no trust then no true relationship exists. If you are going through a situation in which your partner doesn’t trust you, he/she wants to keep an eye on you, he/she is in habit of checking your emails/social links, then, you must realize the fact that this relationship has no future and should be ended.