6 Things That Mean The World to Her

When you are with someone, you always need to care about what makes them happy. Admit it or not, when you see them smile, you feel this happiness that has no match. However, sometimes, it is very hard to figure out the ways through which you can see them smile. What really makes her happy? Here are a few things that may seem insignificant to you, but they mean the world to her:

6. “Hey honey, how was your day?”

How often do you ask this question? Every time you come home from work, or she comes home, ask her this. It shows that you are someone who cares about what happens in her life. I know that women can often talk too much, but that does not mean that you get to neglect them. I you do it for too often, you will lose the chance to see that smile on her face. Ask her this question for a few days and see how much this means to her.

5. Hold the door open for her.

In this era of feminism, most women feel robbed of equal rights. However, there is still room for chivalry and it is not completely dead. Holding the door open for her doesn’t make her weak, but it shows that you have the basic manners to not slam something in another person’s face. I am a girl and there have been infinite moments where I held the door open for my guy friend, but nothing will matter more to her than you doing this for her.