6 Things That Make You a Hopeless Romantic

Ever heard of cheesy people? They are the kind of people who like to think of their love as fairy tales. Their partners are the luckiest because they always make them feel loved and adored. A hopeless romantic does so too. They love a lot, and imagine their love story as a perfect. They will do romantic things which will seem adorable, and they will make you feel pretty great. Here are a few signs through which you can identify yourself as one:

  1. Romantic movies and books are your favorite.

You know you are a hopeless romantic when cheesy movies, and romantic novels are your thing. You will at least read and watch a few of them every month. Then you will begin to imagine yourself as one of the characters and portray that love story as your own. Your partner will suddenly be a knight in shining Armour, and you will be his princess in distress who has been locked into a tower, and is waiting to be rescued. Beating all the goons, he will come and save you, and you will live happily ever after. Yay.