6 Things to Consider If your Boyfriend Still Talks to his Ex

People break up in different ways. Some relationships end disastrously with the two people slamming doors and things at each other. For some people relationships end on far more friendly terms and the two decide to be friends after all. For the latter category, it is normal for the two people to stay in touch and continue talking. However, is this bothering you? Here is what you can do:

6. Make sure he tells you.

Now this is very important. If he talks to his ex and keeps it a secret from you, then you should worry. If this is the case, confront him. Ask him if he does talk to his ex and if he confirms it, then ask him why he kept it a secret from you. If he openly lies to you, then you can either humiliate him and break up with him, or you can wait for him to tell you the truth.

5. Ask if he has feelings.

If he still talks to his ex and he is very comfortable in doing so, you can openly ask him if he has feelings for her. There is nothing to be shy about. Don’t be a third-wheeler. If you are a part of an awkward love triangle, then it is better that you keep your reputation and self-respect intact, and get out of it. If he comforts you and tells you that there is nothing to worry about than trust him. Don’t be insecure all the time. Give him some space.

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