6 Things to do If Your Boyfriend Stares at Other Women

You have gotten into a new relationship and you get shocked to discover that he has the weird habit of staring at other women. He is very loyal to you and he loves you a lot, but he cannot stop himself from staring at other women. It becomes embarrassing and annoying, especially when other people notice the habit in him. Do not worry. You can tackle this problem by using one of the few simple tips mentioned below:

6. Do not make a drama out of it.

You boyfriend stares at other women and it is not a very nice habit, but don’t create a lot of drama over the situation. Yes, it is understood that you hate the habit and you want him to stop, but if you create a lot of drama, you will lose him. Some people have a staring habit but that doesn’t mean that they are not loyal or they do not love you enough. You can handle this problem very calmly and gently. It is better that you resolve the issue instead of concluding your relationship.

5. Divert his attention.

If your boyfriend stares at other women, you need to divert his attention elsewhere. He might be lost in his own thoughts while looking at something. Break that bubble of his and divert his attention to yourself. You could start off by asking him if your hair or make up is fine. Once that is done, make sure that his attention sticks to you so get into an interesting conversation. If that doesn’t work then you can always get a little romantic and cheesy.

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