6 Things you could do if your Partner Cheats on you With Their Ex

Having someone in your life is a special feeling and if they love you back then you feel like you are on top of the world. However, if they break your heart, and that too by cheating then the pain is way too harsh. Responding and reacting is all normal but you must look before you leap because any action taken in haste could be a mistake. Here a few things that you can do:

6. It is not your fault!

You do not have to blame yourself for their dishonesty. It was not your fault that they cheated on you. They didn’t have the courtesy to break up with you before realising that they wanted to get back with their ex. Their horrible behaviour should not make you think any less of yourself. So think of it as their incompetence because they cheated on you with their ex.

5. Don’t try to settle the score.

You are very angry and heartbroken, and the adrenaline in your blood is very high. However, that does not mean that you are allowed to act on your instinct. They were horrible to you, but if you do the same to them then there is no difference between you and them. You should not cheat on them just because they cheated on you with their ex.

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