6 Things You Must Not Say to Her

Our words are very important. They can motivate someone, but they can break them apart too.to be very honest, a relationship is based on your communication skills. If the two of you can communicate very well, you will stay on good terms more often. However, some naïve men do not realise this, and all they want to do is to be funny and say stupid things. You must not do this, because your words have a much longer influence on her – more than anything or anyone else! Here are a few things you must not say to her:

  1. Leave me alone.

Women can be clingy. I say it with full confidence because at times, I feel like I am suffocating my partner. However, you do not ask for space by asking her to leave you alone. You must not say so because it will make her feel like you need a break from her. We all know what the impact of breaks are in most relationships, so it scares her. If you feel that she is suffocating you, or you need space, say it politely. Hint at it and disguise it in your words so that she doesn’t feel that you are sick of her or that she is annoying you. Treat her with respect.