6 Things You Should Never Tolerate In a Relationship

Sacrificing and compromising for one another is very important in a relationship. No two people can be 100% compatible and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably lying. However, you need to have your principles, which means that there are some things which you should never compromise on. Such things should be off-limits. Here are a list of those things which you should never tolerate in a relationship.

  1. Keeping a ‘check’ on them.

Distrust is something you should never tolerate in a relationship. It is one thing you should never be okay with. If your partner occasionally checks your phone or your emails/Facebook, it means that they have trouble trusting you and they have to keep a ‘check’ on you. Such a check is not required in a relationship because parental guidance isn’t something that you should get in a relationship. If they cannot trust you, why are they even with you?