6 Things You Should Openly Say in a New Relationship

You just got into a relationship and they do something very dreamy. You just immediately have this urge to tell them how this made you feel but just as you open your mouth, your brain asks you to shut up. This is exactly why they say that follow your heart when it comes to love. Here is a list of few things which you’re probably too ashamed of saying or admitting.

6. “You’ve been on my mind.”

Whether you’re the boy or the girl, you should not shy away when it comes to confessing your feelings. Once you’re with them, they deserve to know your ins and outs. If you thought about them all day long, tell them openly. There’s no need of being ashamed of saying it. In fact, it is a very romantic gesture.

5. “I like you, a lot!”

You’re with them because you have feelings for them. Being in a relationship is never about hiding what we feel from each other. In fact, it is about how well we can communicate with each other. Irrespective of your gender and of all the stereotypes, openly tell them how they feel.

I still remember telling my guy that I loved him before he did. I was honest with my feelings and he respects me for it. Never be ashamed of saying or feeling anything.

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