6 Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants From You

He loves you. You love him. That’s how things started but unlike a fairy tale, people don’t always live happily ever after. There are certain things that you need to do to please your partner. You cannot complain about these ideas being old-school, because what needs to be done, has to be done. I spent a little while talking to my boyfriend regarding all this and I have concluded the following things (and he might be reading this):

  1. Stop crying.

A lot of women use their tears as bait, and think that a little crying session will make their boyfriend’s heart melt, and he will suddenly accept whatever you’re saying. Let me tell you how much men hate being manipulated. However, that’s not the only reason because of which he wants you to stop crying all the time. You see, when two people love each other a lot, they want to see each other happy. You want to see your guy happy, right? Similarly, he wants you to be happy at all times. When you keep crying, he will stay upset as well. If not anything else, stay happy for his sake.