6 Things your Girl Wants from you

Girls are pretty choosy when it comes to choosing their partners and when they do, they require the boy to meet particular standards to be called their ‘Perfect One’. Yes, it is sometimes quite difficult for a boy to accept everything the girl wants but as they say, “Relationships are all about compromises and sacrifices”. Make sure you know what your girl expects from you. We list 6 of the major things a girl wants from her boy:

  1. Loyalty and commitment

DO NOT FLIRT WITH OTHER WOMEN! Get this through your head. A girl expects loyalty and complete devotion from your side. Make sure you make her feel, as if she is the only girl in the world. Trust me, a girl desires faithfulness more than anything else. She would not stay with you long, if you keep on interacting with other girls; girls she does not want you to be with. Girls are over-possessive in nature. Don’t test her patience!