6 Traits of the Perfect Man

Who is the perfect man for a woman? Although the description varies from woman to woman, there are certain general traits that every woman would like to see in a man, and which would immediately melt their heart. If you are a woman and your man has these traits, you’re extremely lucky, and if you’re a man, you better develop some of these in you. Here they are:

  1. Hygienic

Nothing attracts a woman more than a man who takes care of his personal hygiene. A perfect man will always care about how he smells and how he looks. He will bathe on time, brush his teeth and smell nice. You might complain that this is what makes a man sissy, but this is an extremely wrong assumption. A real man isn’t made mainly by a foul smell, a poorly maintained beard or untidy hair. These things might seem attractive when he wakes up in the morning, but after a few hours, you will just want him to shower.