6 Ways To Help You Stop Dating Jerks

Most people blame women when it comes to dating jerks, but it is not totally our fault. It is just that most men don’t come with a label on their forehead that reads: “JERK INSIDE!” If it were like that, you would never get attached to those idiots. However, once you do, it is difficult to detach yourself because of the few good moments. Here is how you can stop dating jerks:

  1. Keep the loneliness in mind.

When you are trying to stop dating jerks, just remember the loneliness. Every time you begin to develop a soft spot for him, remind yourself. He makes you feel lonely and you are often left alone. A relationship is the complete opposite of that and if he doesn’t understand this, then he does not deserve you.

  1. Not worth meeting your parents.

Always get serious with a guy i he is good enough to meet your parents. When you are dating jerks, you know that he cannot be introduced to your parents. You know that your parents are looking for a far more established and emotionally stable guy for you. They would never approve of a jerk being with their daughter.