6 Ways to Be in A Relationship Without Committing

Who does not need a partner to live life with? But, not all want to be in a committed relationship. They would rather have a fling rather than a full-fledged relationship, full of promises and commitments. They just want a partner to love, not responsibilities to handle. They want a loved one without any added baggage. We list down 6 ways to have such a relationship:

  1. No misconceptions

You and your partner should be absolutely clear about the objectives of your relationship. You two should have no misconceptions, whatsoever regarding the relationship. You should know it is casual and is not meant to last long. Do not lay any expectations from each other and enjoy the relationship for the limited time that it lasts. Expectations hurt, and you do not really want to disappoint each other. So clear out all misunderstandings to have a contented relationship.