6 Ways To Catch A Girl’s Attention

Men are hungry animals seeking attention and love and we, women, are the ones to feed you with both. When you like a particular woman, you strive all your efforts just to catch her eye on you, or to get even a little percentage of her precious attention. You run out of ideas and things start to slip out of your hands. I, with personal experience, have compiled a list of a few of the many ways to catch a girl’s attention, which are listed below:

  1. Act like a gentleman

How old are you? 22? What makes you think, that you, acting like a casual old school boy, will catch her attention? To make her like you, you will have to act like a true gentleman. Women want chivalrous men who would pull out the chair for her in a restaurant or open the car door as she steps out. You need to catch her attention by such respectful gestures whenever you two are spending time together.