6 Ways to Handle and Heal a Disturbed Partner

To handle someone who is constantly at war with themselves is not easy. I have been someone who has been like that and I will share with you today how my partner dealt with me and healed me to be someone mentally stable and strong. Always remember that you need to treat mental troubles just like you treat physical illnesses and you need to stop blaming the person because some things are out of our control at times. Here are some ways to do this while keeping your partner happy and sane:

  1. Calm them down.

A mentally disturbed person will go through breakdowns. Some situations will leave them devastated and they will rush to self-harm. They will go to negativity to punish themselves or to destroy their essence. At such moments, you need to calm them down. Be there for them and pick up their pieces. Do not let them resort to self-harm and if you feel that the situation is becoming out of control, go for external help.