6 Ways to Make Her Fall for You

ately, we have been focusing a lot on how girls can get a guy to like them. However, it is not an easy task for men either. They have to just try equally hard to get a girl to like them because they are the ones who usually face rejections after asking out. How can you make her like you? How can you get her to say yes without seeming desperate and crazy in love? Here are a few ways to help you make her fall for you:

  1. Do not seem desperate.

The first way to make her have feelings for you involves a simple step: do not appear desperate to her. You do not have to show her how much you are dying inside to get her. When a guy does that, most of the times, it scares the girl. She thinks of him as a creep and then starts treating her badly. Yes, women tend to do that. So keep yourself calm. Just don’t stare at her all the time or keep talking about love and getting together all the time. You have to set an impression right now.