6 Ways To Make Sure She Doesn’t Reject You

It takes a lot of courage for a man to kneel down his knees and propose to the girl he likes. All the time you have been waiting for the correct moment to display the feelings you have for her. This moment will either result in the birth of a new dreamy relationship, or a long term heartbreak. You do not really need to worry anymore. We have compiled few of the many ways that will make sure her that she says a yes:

  1. Write those words down before saying them

You need to be very certain about the words that you utter before her, so pen them down a week before the meeting. Take a day or two before you finalize the script. This will ensure that your stupidity does not prevail over the situation, and your feelings are fully transmitted. Read it thoroughly and learn it by heart. Those rote learning skills at school need to be brought to good use, no?