6 Ways to Text Your Partner without Being Too Desperate

In ancient times, people would write love letters to their partners and then wait for their responses for days. That was a different kind of love. Today, our means of communication have evolved along with technology. This modern revolution has somewhat made love easier, and equally harder. However, the advent of mobile phones and texting has made it easier to communicate. While you have this means of communication is your hands 24/7, you have to tactfully handle the texting business when it is about the person you like or have a crush on. Here are a few tips for you to consider so that you don’t seem too desperate:

  1. Don’t say everything all at once.

To avoid coming off as too desperate on texts, the foremost thing to make sure is that you do not speak too much. When two people start liking each other and developing the bond, the most perfect scenario is that they fall in love with one another slowly. You cannot just rush things. Similarly, you cannot just rush and tell them all about your life in one instant. Don’t write extensive paragraphs explaining your life actions. Take it slow.