7 Lies Every Boyfriend Tells to his Girlfriend

Well, let’s not jump the gun so fast. Sometimes men have to lie for the greater. For the protection of their relationship and so on and so forth. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, all lies aren’t good and you need to know if you’re with a lying boyfriend!

But do you know the most common lies of a lying boyfriend? Well, we’ve got some laid out for you,

7. ‘You Are More Than A Friend’

If this line does not end with, ‘But you’re something far special than that’, then you should know your boyfriend is lying. Just being more than a friend and not being anything else is literally one of the greatest excuses by lying boyfriends.

6. ‘My Phone Was Silent’

Well, girls, that’s not always the case. Unlike most women, who are afraid to get caught red-handed by their peers and keep their phone on silent most of the times, guys don’t generally give a s**t. You’re definitely with a lying boyfriend if he constantly tells you that he couldn’t pick your phone because it was silent. Like, seriously?

5. ‘She Keeps Texting Me For No Reason!’

So one fine day, you think you’ve got a clue on your lying boyfriend and you ask him who it is. He in return acts completely clueless and naïve about the other girl. Although, sometimes it may be true but guys generally know exactly why a girl is with him. Or why she’s bothering him. It’s just that..your boyfriend might be lying to you.