7 Perks of a Sensitive Partner

Has your partner ever told you that they are very sensitive, or have you felt that they feel things a little too much? Did someone advise you against being with someone who is this sensitive? I have got good reasons for why you should not believe the person and appreciate your partner for they really are.

7. They focus on small details.

Your sensitive partner will notice every minute detail about everything. From your mood to that of your neighbors, they just have to notice everything. People label it as something negative but someone who notices everything tends to value even the smallest of their partner’s gestures and actions. They will always be noticing how you did something for them or how you made them happy.

6. They feel for others.

Sensitive people are born philanthropists. They feel a lot for other people. If a beggar comes and asks them for money, they will hardly be able to say no. they feel so much and things like devastation’s and disasters affect them too much. So your sensitive partner will be extremely kindhearted and very loving. They will also be very generous – given they have the spending power.

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