7 Qualities You Should Never Settle On In A Relationship

As you go through your life, it’ll teach you how to compromise, settle and adjust to many things it throws at you. From friends, jobs, security, homes and relationships, life doesn’t leave a single avenue where it doesn’t leave a dent. And while we undergo this learning process, we also learn to prioritize our responsibilities. We learn what we need to settle for and what not. However, certain things are a complete no-go area such as the qualities you should never on in a relationship.

To all the love hunters, hopelessly romantics, and partner passionate people, we’re trying to simplify the misery for you. While you are on your search, here are a few qualities of someone you should never settle on in a relationship,

7. Who’s Invisible

They’re with you and they’re not. You call them and they don’t pick up. You message them and they don’t reply back. Please, never settle on in a relationship with someone who’s never around. Someone who is ‘just your boyfriend or girlfriend’ and when you need them, they barely exist. Life is about two people living together. Celebrating the good times and protecting each other through tough times.

6. Who’s Always Right

Never settle on in a relationship with someone who thinks they are always right. This will put you in a vulnerable place of being wrong all the time. While you may defend yourself initially, it might come to a point where you begin to doubt yourself. This will start affecting your confidence, emotional health and mental stability. You shouldn’t be falling for this. You need to keep telling yourself that you’re always right.