7 Realities About Relationships Everybody should know

Most of the times, when you look at a relationship from a distance, you see two people crazy in lov. You see how wonderful their bond is and how they are always there for each other. In fact, you begin to assume that relationships are the only source of happiness in a person’s life etc. However, what most people don’t show you or tell you about is the dark side that comes with every relationship. I am not saying that relationships only make you sad and break your heart, but just like every other thing in life, they have as much of a dark side. Here a few realities that most people won’t tell you:

7. Acceptance and trust requires time.

Most people won’t tell you how much time it took their partner to accept or trust them. They will talk about how much their partner loves them or how much they trust them, but do they speak of the time before they got accepted and trusted? My partner took over 6 months, despite being my best friend, to start trusting me with his miseries. It is not nice to be in a relationship when your partner does not trust you enough to open up to you or to accept your presence in their life. It is a bumpy start but things eventually do work out.  

6. You will have to change and compromise a lot.

Most people won’t tell you how much effort is required in a relationship. they will not tell you that whether you are with the man or the woman of your dreams, you will have to compromise a lot to make things work. Your compatibility and friendship will all go down the drain, because this bond is much of a new start. your partner will want some changes in your lifestyle and no matter how much you want to resist, you will compromise for the sake of that person and their importance.