7 Reasons You Aren’t Having Sex with Your Partner

Having sex with your partner is one of the most vital aspects of a relationship. It connects you in the most beautiful manner possible on earth. However, in a marriage, if you aren’t having enough sex with your partner, then it might become a worrisome subject. The first question that pops up in anybody’s head is doubting if they are not attractive to their partner anymore. However, researchers have proven that sex doesn’t have anything to do with attraction. For couples in a marriage, it is something far more meaningful than mere attraction.

Having regular sex with your partner is indeed a healthy sign of a relationship. But if you come to a point where you aren’t doing it anymore, highest chances are that the reason has nothing to do with you.

Here are a few reasons to keep you from going down the negative train,

7. Stress Is Killing Him

Stress kills emotions like nothing else in the world. From happiness to find pleasures to having sex with your partner – sex is the epic killer in the movie of life.

6. Constant Lethargy & Tiredness

More often than ever, the basic reason why you aren’t having sex with your partner is that they are tired. Simply tired. A lot of energy and time is involved in having sex with your partner. And once you’ve fallen into a hectic routine, it is very difficult to get out of it. And a busy routine takes its toll on your sex life in a marriage.