7 reasons why arranged marriages are more successful

Arranged Marriage is one that you do not choose for yourself but is rather the responsibility and choice of your caretakers. In almost all cases, your parents start the screening process for you and try to hook you up with whoever they think is right for you. You meet and greet. And then you are hitched.

In the old days, arranged marriages used to be of such nature, but now times have changed. People like to know each other and love marriages are becoming ever-so-common. And as much as everyone would think this works out amazingly, it is not the truth.

Arranged marriages are sometimes more successful than love marriages for some legit reasons. Some of them are,

7. Bond. Family Bond.

First and foremost, in an arranged marriage, family bonds grow faster than ever. The reason being that the family is the one who makes the relationship happen. And hence, up to a certain point, the family knows more and interacts more with the bride/groom-to-be. Thus, the connection between the new member and family develops a strong bond amidst them which goes a long way in assisting married life.

6. Nurturing of Love

When the bride and groom come together in an arranged marriage, they both respect and love each other’s family. In doing so, a special bond of love develops in them also. This makes room for nurturing of love amongst the newly married couple. They become closer, and the family members aid them in understanding each other better. This overall strengthens their relationship as a husband and wife.