7 Reasons why it’s very bad idea to date a Married Man

5. Little Dependency

It’s 3 AM and someone suspicious has ringed your doorbell. What do you do? Call the one you love. Right? But when you’re dating a married man, you can’t depend on him to be available for you round the clock. He’ll be with his at the middle of the night and probably won’t even look at your call. How do you live like that?

4. Mountain Of Lies

So he’s in love with you as much as he’s in love with his wife. But his wife lives with him. And that’s her advantage for a lifetime. If he can’t be with you, he’ll create a billion situations and concoct a million lies to tell you why he can’t meet with you. But not tell you the real reason, which would be, his wife. Because that will piss you off.