6 Relationship Advice You Really Should Ignore

We’re sure you’ve seen this joke floating around the internet about life that goes like, “I didn’t know you were an expert on my life. Please continue while I take notes..”

Well, this holds far truer when it comes to every Tom, Dick & Harry giving relationship advice. Hello girl, you really need to be smart here about who you listen to and who you don’t. On top of everything, you shouldn’t let any third person dictate how you should be dealing with your relationship. Anybody might think they are the best people to give relationship advice to others but never forget, they are not in your shoes to know exactly how your life looks like.

Here are some relationship advice that should go in from one ear and out from another,

6. Settle With What You’ve Got

They’ll always be this one person who will give you the relationship advice to be grateful for what you have and that you should settle for it. But why? If you are on the road to finding someone for yourself then you might as well find someone who suits you completely. Yes, everyone has flaws. Everyone has a different personality but that does not mean that you have to settle with anyone with whom you don’t feel right.

5. Don’t Talk About It

And then there are relationships experts who’ll give you the relationship advice to stay mom about anything that bothers. When asked why they will say it is to save your relationship from falling into the pit. But if something is bothering you, then why would you not talk about it? Keeping grudges and thoughts in your heart will only lead to a bitter end. It is always better to speak your heart and clean the air.