7 signs that you are in an awesome relationship

Being in a relationship is one of the best things in one’s life but being in an awesome relationship is not something that everyone can get easily. For being in an awesome relationship, both partners need patience, visions, respect, compromise and purity to fulfill commitment devotedly. Not all relationships are perfect but here are 7 signs of an awesome relationship;

  1. You enjoy each other’s company:

Many people have a very nice start of the relationship but later they drag the relationship. They are into that relationship for no reason. They fulfill formalities and commitment but they don’t enjoy their partner’s company. They are bored and tired of one another. But you are in an awesome relationship if you still enjoy your partner’s company even after being in relation for many years. You never get bored of being around and you like staying with one another more then you like to stay with anyone else.

  1. You respect each other and difference:

Respecting each other is another beauty of an awesome relationship. A couple can’t be alike and may have so many differences. Respecting the differences and loving each other regardless of these differences is a sign of a healthy relation. A smart couple respects each other in public and fight in person. They never bash each other in front of others.