5 Signs He’s Not ‘The One’

It’s never a piece of cake to accept that the guy you’ve been dating for eons is not the one. You’ll be in denial for a long time but eventually, with time, you will come to terms with the fact that you have probably been fooling yourself all this while. Some signs and facts become too obvious to ignore. Some realities are too evident to be overlooked.

If you are finding yourself to be stuck in a limbo of concluding if he is the one or not, we’ve got a few signs to you should watch out for,

5. No Ears No More

Do you look back and wonder how you used to have lengthy conversations with him about life and shizz? Wondering where did that go? If he doesn’t listen to you anymore and that has left you with barely anything to say back to him – you are probably killing conversations amongst yourselves. And this doesn’t happen if he’s the one. He will always make an effort to listen to what you have to say. Regardless of how irrelevant or boring it may seem, he will always be interested in whatever you have to tell him.