7 signs that you are being Manipulated by your Boyfriend in a Relationship

The foundation of an ideal relationship is based on trust, care, security and mutual respect. Every girl wants to feel loved, valued and safe to expose her flaws and vulnerabilities in a relationship. But unfortunately, all of us fall from this ideal relationship with growing time. Are you in a kind of relationship which has turned your stomach into knots? If yes, then you are surely a victim of psychological manipulation. Now you must be thinking that what is manipulation?

Psychological manipulation can be defined as a practice of inordinate influence through mind wrapping and emotional exploitation with the intention to seize control, power, benefits or advantage at the victim’s expense. It is necessary to distinguish social influence from psychological manipulation. For the construction of relationships, healthy social influence occurs between most of the couples. But in the process of manipulation, one person use the other one for his own benefit in order to serve his agenda.

Manipulation is an unhealthy ingredient which has been tested by many girls in their relationships and a serious problem as it’s sneaky. Girls who want to make their partners happy are the ones who gets attracted towards manipulation. They are known as ‘people pleasers’ and have low self-esteem. Do you think that you are being manipulated by your boyfriend? Here are the 7 signs which will let you know about the truth of your relationship. So give it a read now!

7. He will make you responsible for his actions

You are in a manipulative relationship if he makes you responsible for his mistakes. When you are directly or indirectly on fault according to him, it means he is manipulating you emotionally.

6.Your weaknesses are always pointed out by him

Your partner needs to make you feel strong in a relationship rather than pointing to your weaknesses. It’s a terrible act if your boyfriend always points out your mistakes and weaknesses and a strong sign of a manipulative relationship.