5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your relationship is over until the two most haunting words have not been said. (the two words being: it’s over). But you do feel something is amiss. Your heart doesn’t want to believe that the relationship is over but your mind is constantly telling you otherwise.

Here are a few signs that you could become a checklist, if useful, for you to know when you’re beginning to feel your relationship is over,

5. Old age respect is no more

Like we always say, respect is the key to a successful, long-term relationship. If he doesn’t speak to you nicely in a crowd or constantly shows unwanted aggression, then you should that this a sure sign that your relationship is over, even if you haven’t talked about it. Once the bridge of disrespect is crossed, there’s no road that takes you back again. Keep that in mind.