7 signs that you Suck as a Couple

Do you want to know that do you suck as a couple? Getting attracted towards each other is very common for girls and boys. Most of the times this attraction start growing into likeness and take the form of a relationship. When two people become a couple, there are certain things which should be there between them i.e. trust, understanding, love, etc. Being in a relationship and being happy with it is a difficult job. Staying alone is natural than staying with someone. Sometimes, even good people are bad at managing their relationships. So, being into an unhealthy relationship doesn’t mean you suck at every other thing.

We see different couples around us. We all have got friends who have been turned into complete jerks by their relationships. These type of couples try to show their fake love to people around them. By doing this, they make their selves fools. Because they fail badly at making others fool. If you are in a relationship and think that you suck as a couple, here are the seven signs which will make you sure about it if you are in doubt.

7. When you replace ‘I’ and ‘Me’ with ‘We.’

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should forget your self-identity. Don’t you feel odd while saying ‘we’ instead of I or me? Frankly, it’s so irritating. If you do this, you suck as a couple.

6. When you start asking your single friends to get into a relationship

It’s very pathetic if you have begun asking your friends that they need to get into a relationship after your relationship has been started. Every girl doesn’t want to be a relation, or some girls don’t find perfect partners according to their choice. You suck as a couple if you make your friends feel bad by asking them such stuff.