7 Signs Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

Some of us encounter so many wrong ones in our lives that we fail to recognize the right one. You have him in your life yet you don’t know whether you’ll have to go out of your way to make sure he stays. You know he is a keeper when:

7. He remembers all your stories.

You know he is a keeper when he doesn’t forget things that you tell him. Women tend to rant a lot so we always have things to talk about. We want to discuss our friend’s wedding dress and we want to discuss where we want to live in the future. Yet if he truly values you, every word you utter will be very important to him and he will not forget anything.

6. Things remind him of you.

You once told him that you love the red and black combination in clothes, and while walking across the market, he spotted a red and black dress. He is a keeper if he sends you a picture of it telling you how it reminded him of you. Everything you tell him just doesn’t stay in his head – he knows how to show that he values you.

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