7 Signs Your Ex Is Over You

Breakups are never easy. They break your heart and sometimes shatter you as well. Yet, the hardest thing about leaving someone is the withdrawal symptoms since things keep dragging you back to them. In case you’re thinking about going back to them, here are 8 signs you need to go through to check if your ex is over you, or not.

7. They have changed their number.

Your ex is over you when they change their number and don’t tell you about it. From the breakups I have seen, most of the people change their number after a breakup to make sure that their ex will not have a source to contact them. Some do it because they have completely moved on while others do it while they are trying to move on.

6. They don’t bump into you very often.

Maybe you had offices close by, or you both had coffee at the same place every evening. When your ex is over you, they will not like to come in contact with you anymore. You will hardly see them. The biggest sign for this could be if you lived nearby, they’d change apartments or move to a different part of the city. When they are over you, they don’t want to come across you very often.

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