7 Signs Your Partner is a Psycho

Most of us are going to read this heading and then going to say that their partner isn’t even close to being a psychopath. Yet it is surprising how we could be with one without even realizing it. They might seem perfect and too-good-to-be-true but they could actually be sucking out the good in you. Here are 7 signs of a psychopath.

7. Lies!

To find out whether your partner is a psychopath or not, you should try to figure out if he lies or not. Psychopaths tend to lie a lot. They will tell you that they feel like sleeping early tonight while they will be getting ready to attend a party. From lying about where he lives to what he does, psychopaths tend to keep their partners in the shadow.

6. Contradicts!

A psychopath tends to contradict himself a lot. If your partner is a psychopath, you will literally feel like he has multiple personality disorder. One day, he will tell you one thing, and the next day, he will say something completely different. He might tell you that he is very serious and you’re the love of life while the next day, he will ask you to keep your hopes low because he isn’t looking to marry you.

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